Installation controls / safety record

So far the power supply firms (EVU) were, EW Zollikon, EW Küsnacht, EW Erlenbach etc. legally obligates later control installations at its current customers after production and in periodic distances at own expense. The new regulation (NIV, coming into force 01.01.03) transfers now the installation owner the responsibility for security and maintenance electrical system. Necessary control and the safety record of its installation are transferred to a board of control (electricity Installation Company). The recovery of possible lack and control go debited to the owner.

When do you need a safety record? 

  • With the assumption of a new installation.
  • With the assumption of an existing installation, if control is passed more than 5 Years.
  • When changes at existing installations.

The safety record, as well as technical information, (installation pattern, - plans, and manuals) must be kept up to next periodic control.

Our service:

  • Control of new and existing installations, by independent control organ.
  • Providing the safety record, as well as recovery of the possible lack.