HDTV stands for High Definition Television and represents a large development step in relation to today's standard definition TV (SDTV). The meaning of this development is comparable with one from black-and-white to colour television.

HDTV offers a much better image definition, very high attention to detail, an increased plasticity and larger colour fidelity. With HDTV technology disadvantages such as flicker and haziness, which arise particularly with large screens, will disappear. Besides programs in broad display format are radiated, which corresponds to natural better seeing.

Today’s cable systems in Switzerland can transfer HDTV, because they have necessary ranges.

In order to be able to receive HDTV, customers need a setting OI box, which can receive perfect quality on the screen indicate “hp” signals. Besides that it needs a screen, which can represent high-screen resolution. The Logo "hp ready“ marks HDTV suitable screens.

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