EIB/KNX was developed as a system, which can be used for all important plants in the building engineering. Thus, the individual trades can be planned and implemented together (“integral”). Each manufacturer adheres to the defined standard, so that all devices understand themselves mutually.

The EIB/KNX system consists of:

  • Sensors (e.g. Tracer, wind age scales), which produce instructions in the form of telegrams.
  • Actuators (e.g. Contactor for light, shutters), which convert the received telegrams in actions.
  • A bus, which interconnects all sensors and actuators for the telegram

A centre is not necessary. Each equipment contains its own microprocessor. By appropriate parameterization, which is at any time changeable, the equipment learns, what has to do it. Thus, EIB/KNX is very flexible and at any time needs new adaptable.  



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